The Web, PHP and MySQL

I think of myself an "all-rounder" because I am able to work comfortably with code, graphics, and text. Nowadays a broad range of skills like that is a real advantage in the publishing industry. Practically everything published today finds its way into a wide range of media such as print, PDF, and various different formats of ebook; new publications are increasingly appearing on the web, or even as interactive "apps" for devices such as the iPad.

As an experienced user of Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Illustrator, I can help you realize your graphical ideas and put them online or into most types of interactive media.

Web interactivity is greatly enhanced by means of server-side scripting languages such as PHP, used in conjunction with online databases such as MySQL. I have a working familiarity with this technology, which is essential for online galleries, blogs, etc. The open source blogging software Wordpress runs on PHP and MySQL, and can be harnessed to work as a full "content management system" that goes far beyond the functionality of a mere blog.

Flash remains the standard platform for creating videos, animations and interactive applets for the web. But as time goes by, and devices such as the iPad and iPhone gain a larger share of the market, HTML5 gains momentum as the alternative to Flash. I have a working familiarity with both.

If you need to publish online or in another interactive media format, plase contact me for further details.